Generate valid CPAN::Changes Changelogs from git
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Whether to group commit messages by their author. This is the only way previous versions did it. Defaults to no, and [ Anne Author ] is appended to the commit message.

Defaults to off.

Author email is probably just noise for most people, but turn this on if you want to show it [ Anne Author ]

Defaults to off.

Whether to show authors at all. Turning this off also turns off grouping by author and author emails.

Defaults to on.

A regexp string which will be used to match git tags to find releases. If your release tags are not compliant with CPAN::Changes::Spec, you can use a capture group. It will be used as the version in place of the full tag name.

Also takes semantic, which becomes qr{^v?(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)$}, and decimal, which becomes qr{^v?(\d+\.\d+)$}.

Defaults to 'decimal'

The name of the changelog file.

Defaults to 'Changes'.

Block of text at the beginning of the changelog.

Defaults to 'Changelog for $dist_name'

When true, the generated changelog will be copied into the root folder where it can be committed (possiby automatically by Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Commit)

Defaults to true.

When true, the generated changelog will be opened in an editor to allow manual editing.

Defaults to false.


; All options from [ChangelogFromGit] plus
group_by_author       = 1 ; default 0
show_author_email     = 1 ; default 0
show_author           = 0 ; default 1
edit_changelog        = 1 ; default 0


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