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Automatic mechanism for Continuous Integration

Combines Jenkins for CI, SonarQube for static code analysis, and Ansible for automatic app deployments (Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery).

CI creator webapp

The CI creator webapp manages the automatic creation of CIs.

To deploy the CI creator app on a host, Ansible is required. It can be installed by issuing pip install ansible.

  1. In the <ci_repository>/ansible/hosts (inventory) file, define the CI creator app host, inside the ci-creator host group.
  2. cd into the <ci_repository>/ansible/ directory, and issue the command: ansible-playbook deploy-ci-creator.yml -i hosts --extra-vars "ci_creator_user=<ci_creator_user_name>",
    where ci_creator_user_name is the user that will be running the CI creator app. SSH and access is required. The user must be able to run sudo without a password.

To obtain more info about creating and using CIs, consult the documentation in webapp/docs, or on the "Usage Guide" link, on the CI creator host (<ci_creator_url>/docs).

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