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Clin.iobio - Workflow and reporting for iobio variant analysis pipeline

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Project setup

  1. Clone this repo and run npm start. Make sure the app is running on port 4030.

  2. Clone gene.iobio ( and checkout to dev branch.

  3. Run npm start and npm run webpack for gene.iobio. Make sure the app is running on port 4026. Go to http://localhost:4026/ in your browser. It should open gene.iobio. (It might show a warning asking for a key. Click ok and it should work).

  4. Go to http://localhost:4030/ in your browser. It should open clin.iobio.

To compile and minify for production

npm run build

Using clin.iobio

clin.iobio is developed in the Gabor Marth lab, is free for academic use. For further information, or commercial use inquiries, please contact

You can try out clin.iobio using a demo dataset. Or you can immediately plug in your own data, by providing URLs to your BAM and VCF files.

From the clin.iobio landing page, you can import your data into the app using the provided screen prompts for entering data URLs or a configuration file. Our screencast will help guide you through these options.

clin.iobio screencast