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@skarekrow skarekrow released this Jan 25, 2019 · 1926 commits to master since this release

Shortly after the release of 1.0, we have another new release! This fixes some bad nagging bugs that were found since 1.0, and as far as this release goes, we don't have another validated bug in the tracker! Should be the most stable iocage release yet, as we also have even more tests to ensure less breakage. Thanks to all those who filed issues and the contributors that sent in pull requests, you lot are great ;)


  • Can fix corrupt fstabs with fstab -e now
  • Variety of fstab fixes
  • Non-standard RELEASE naming schemes are now supported
  • Fixed upgrade not allowing input or editors
  • Two new flags to clean, --debug(-d) and --images(-i)
  • Bug fixes for IP aliases in shared mode
  • More flexible plugin upgrades in regards to naming of plugin
  • Use jail(8) for networking instead of our own parsing (Fixes many small issues!)
  • allow.vmm property was added
  • Makefile improvements


aa25cd8 Apply some source fstab validation when the fs type is nullfs (#829)
e62503b Allow fixing broken fstabs with edit (#830)
9de27b6 Allow replacing an fstab with a different source and same destination (#827)
a331b51 Uppercase the RELEASE specified during create (#826)
1cc8be6 Migrate ip4 and ip6 from none to disable (#825)
da82221 Fix renaming templates (#824)
036ac7b Allow non-standard -RELEASE naming schemes (#823)
1fc6d24 Fix erroneous template messages on creation failure (#822)
4bb844c Add interactive upgrade variable (#817)
9e67859 Change this to fit the rest (#820)
996e212 Merge pull request #818 from iocage/issues/makefile
16d3825 Improve Makefile
679b567 Add --debug(-d) and --images(-i) flag to clean (#797)
0f7062b Require a mountpoint on parent iocage dataset (#811)
4c7f705 Improve exception handling (#802)
b1c9fd1 Bug fix for ip aliases
df9aad4 Fix for sorting with ip (#803)
48c88dc The dragons have gone back into their caves
fa102a3 Bug fix for jail ips (#804)
1fc1a82 Updated man page with hostid_strict_check option. (#798)
9454400 Honor jail user with exec (#796)
7592abb Add Validation for ip addresses (#792)
97796dd Correct net property ip4/ip6 to valid jail(8) opts (#791)
c7b509b Jail Configuration Class (#782)
f9554ad Throw unjailed exceptions with IOCExec (#789)
0945845 Add More Tests (#759)
e2aab52 BUG: SYSV settings are ignored (#785)
3ef5138 Removing an fstab entry wrote an incorrect file (#788)
4da31dc Add default interface to ip(4|6)_addr if alias doesn't exist (#781)
0c9233f Silence jail during destroy/clean (#780)
c1b0b59 Improve exception handling for listing (#775)
539fab0 Add ignore exceptions flag (#776)
a09c10d Check Release exists (#777)
6c37f65 Check for Faulted Pools (#778)
03206b2 Fix various Tracebacks for non-root users (#774)
f149122 Bump copyrights to 2019
e8f27f6 If a plugin's MANIFEST cannot be found directly, we glob for it (#773)
67d36eb Add allow.vmm jail parameter (#767)
68212cf Catch a missing location, bump netifaces dep
0a87636 Bump to 1.1 PRERELEASE
4b62a06 Leverage jail(8) for shared IP networking behaviour (#770)
a22bb44 Bug fix for Upgrade (#762)
0140855 Change travis over to new flatten modules for before

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