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The bottle-i18n plugin integrates the multilingual internationalization services gettext from Python with your Bottle application.

Usage Example:


import bottle, os
from bottle.ext.i18n import I18NPlugin, I18NMiddleware, i18n_defaults, i18n_view, i18n_template

i18n_defaults(bottle.SimpleTemplate, bottle.request)

def get():
    app = bottle.Bottle()

    def index():
    return bottle.template("<b>{{_('hello')}} I18N<b/>?")

    def variable():
        return bottle.template("<b>{{_('hello %(variable)s', {'variable': world})}}<b/>?", {'world': app._('world')})

    @i18n_view('hello', function="i18n_view")
    def tmpl_app_hello():
        return {}

    def tmpl_app_hello():
        return i18n_template('hello', function="i18n_template")

    lang_app = bottle.Bottle()

    def sub():
        return bottle.template("current language is {{lang()}}")

    app.mount(app = lang_app, prefix = '/lang', skip = None)

    return I18NMiddleware(app, I18NPlugin(domain='messages', default='en', locale_dir='./locale'))

if __name__ == '__main__':
    bottle.run(app=get(), host='localhost', port='8000', quiet=False, reloader=True, debug=True)

Running the above example it automatically loads the default language en if in the URL the language code or the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE sent from the browser is missing.

The URL structure is as follow