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Getting started with geo-api3

Checkout the source code:

git clone

View the getting started to start with this project. To learn more specifically about the api, look at the api page of the developer guide. You can also look at the documentation.

In a nutshell:

  • The build process relies on a manuelfile. Templates are generated with jinja2-cli.
  • You can customize the build in a copy of config/config.dist.toml. This copy must be named config/config.<branchname>.toml. This file is written in the toml configuration language. Without this configuration file, you will not be able to generate the configuration files from the templates. The keys used in it, will override any values loaded from config/config.dist.toml.


manuel is a task runner for Bash and was created by Shane Kilkelly. It is released under the MIT License.

geo-front3 and geo-api3 are based on mf-geoadmin3 and mf-chsdi3. Thoses two softwares were created by swisstopo the Federal Office of Topography of Switzerland for their geoportal They are released under the BSD licence.

geo-front3 and geo-api3 were forked and adapted to modernize the geoportals proposed by sigeom sa a Swiss civil engineer, GIS specialist and land surveying company. The adaptation was performed by Ioda-Net Sàrl a Swiss company specialized in Open Source software.

The following companies give financial support, help to keep this software up to date with swisstopo code, and open source:

Want to help too? contact (at) geoportal (dot) xyz