Blockfinder enumerates network information for countries
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blockfinder by Jacob Appelbaum <>

"All that Blockfinder does is allow you to identify, contact and potentially
hack into every computer network in the world." - Rolling Stone, August 2010 [0]

Contrary to popular media claims, blockfinder is a simple text based console
tool that returns a list of netblocks for a given country.  It does this by
fetching the following lists of allocations:

The list of ISO codes is ISO 3166-1 as found here:

blockfinder has two methods of operation:

    Update the lists of network object allocations
    Returning a list of all netblocks (or asn, etc) for a given country

To use blockfinder, first create or update the cache:

    blockfinder -i

Once you have a proper cache, search for the desired resource in the country
of your choice:

    ./blockfinder -v -t mm

Additionally, to filter results for a specific protocol you can use a selector:

    ./blockfinder -v -t mm:ipv4 

On Windows (in cmd, PowerShell and 4nt) one may find blockfinder.bat useful: