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High Priority:
Add support for LIR blocks by parsing the ripe.db.inetnum.gz.
This lists sub-allocations and assignments made by local LIR/ISPs:
Add Custom GeoIP support
If a user wants to supply their own DB; we should allow this
Add GeoIP database inversion
Optionally combine the results with delegation information to produce more
accurate netblocks
Add/Fix support for IPv6
./blockfinder -r 2001:200:dff:fff1:216:3eff:feb1:44d7
Add lock file to ensure '-i' only runs once
Add support for BGP related information
Interface with for data
show all ASNs announced by a country (as allocated)
show all blocks announced by ASN
show all blocks announced by a collection of ASNs (country)
we need to parse MRT binary archives from
maybe with ?
Add latency GeoIP confirmation test
As an interface with
pick n out of x netblocks total, randomly select an ip in the block,
traceroute, repeat this process until n is reasonably near x, average
the results to find a likely lowest latency into the country.
Given the target ip and the above calculated latency map, compare the
latency - shorest latency is likely the most honest - liars can only
delay packets or drop them.
Unit Tests!
Lower Priority:
Fix country code searching code
It appears to be broken for "korea"
Add country-code re-init code and progress meter
When creating or refreshng the cache, we should display progress
Add manpage
Add support for proxies during updating/fetching
Fix country xml download
content-length verify and check for stale cache
Add support to list all country codes with possible results
Add an option to print the whois description(seems the most complete).
Refactor the argument parsing to make it reasonable
Required arguments should be postional, etc
Refactor updating/fetching animation
Add system wide cache_dir to ease blockfinder use on multi user systems
Package for Debian