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Example of changing the process name in Perl 5

BSD systems will still require some C or XS shenanigans to fully
hide the original process name.
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+#!/usr/bin/env perl
+use strict;
+use warnings;
+=head1 NOTES
+Changing the current process name is part of Perl 5 core functionality, with a
+few caveats.
+From the 'perlvar' manpage:
+ Note that there are platform specific limitations on the maximum length of
+ $0. In the most extreme case it may be limited to the space occupied by the
+ original $0.
+ In some platforms there may be arbitrary amount of padding, for example
+ space characters, after the modified name as shown by "ps". In some
+ platforms this padding may extend all the way to the original length of the
+ argument area, no matter what you do (this is the case for example with
+ Linux 2.2).
+ Note for BSD users: setting $0 does not completely remove "perl" from the
+ ps(1) output. For example, setting $0 to "foobar" may result in "perl:
+ foobar (perl)" (whether both the "perl: " prefix and the " (perl)" suffix
+ are shown depends on your exact BSD variant and version). This is an
+ operating system feature, Perl cannot help it.
+So it seems that some C will still be be required to fully change the process
+name on BSD systems.
+$0 = '/usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server';

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