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crlwatch - collect, watch, and analyze SSL/TLS CRL data
Files of interest
crl-raw/ - contains all downloaded CRL files hashed and ending with .crl
crl-raw/master-crl-list.txt - a sorted and uniq list of all discovered CRLs
crl-raw/raw-crl-sql-output-list.txt - an unsorted raw list of the CRL SSL
observatory data
crl-parsed/ - contains text output for every parsed CRL; the names are hashed
and end with .crl2txt - Fetch all known CRLs over Tor - Process all CRL files and pack them into a git repo - parse a given CRL file into readable text
generate-crl-list.sql - pull relevant information from the observatory - parse raw SQL output into a list useful for sorting
Do a bunch of stuff that you want to do regularly:
Generate a full list of all known CRL files: raw-crl-sql-output-list.txt \
|sort|uniq > master-crl-list.txt
Fetch all of the listed CRL files: master-crl-list.txt
Parse and commit all CRL files: master-crl-list.txt
Parse a single CRL into text: foo.crl