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Changes in version 0.0.1-GITHASHHERE - 2012-04-XX
o Major features:
Native Android package
Implemented with PhoneGap
Additional Random Number Generation seeding through entropic dance moves
Natively isolated from the rest of the web system
Routes Cryptocat over Tor by default to a Tor Hidden Service with Orbot
Easy build process for Chrome Plugin
Uses internal CSPRNG for Chrome and Safari
o Major security features:
XXX: Implement mpOTR ( )
o Minor features:
Desktop notification in Chrome
Logout button
o Feature removal and security fix:
XXX TODO: Replace Cryptocat spec with mpOTR
o Major bugfixes:
Malformed regex for parsing chatroom information for multiple users
o Minor bugfixes:
Many and varied
o Special thanks to the following individuals:
Arturo Filasto, Joseph Bonneau, Jonas Smedegaard, Tobias Pulls, Jacob Appelbaum and amazingly talented anonymous helpers.
o Code simplifications and refactoring:
XXX: Starting with i18n/L10n gettext
o Documentation and specification changes:
XXX: Describe mpOTR choices and extensions
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