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To perform a release for TorBirdy:
Perform substantial development effort or patch security issues
Review all changes with at least one other person
Update ChangeLog to refelect all changes and add a release date
Run `make` and test the resulting xpi
Confirm that there are no issues with normal use on The Big Three platforms
Confirm that the error console does not have any errors related to TorBirdy
Tag, sign and push the signatures to git:
Run `make git-tag` and sign a tag for this release
Run `make git-push` and push the tag upstream
Make detached signature for non-git users:
Run `make sign-release` and sign the .xpi file
Upload packages to the Tor Project webserver:
Run `push-release` and the packages are uploaded
Upload the package to Mozilla's AddOn site manually
Write a blog post anouncing the release on the Tor Project blog
Write an email anouncing the release to tor-talk
Announce the release widely in whatever format is reasonable or desired
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