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Terraform QuickStart

This sample project create servers on DigitalOcean via Terraform.

Terraform is an infrastructure compositor like CloudFormation or Heat, supporting various infrastructure providers including Amazon, VirtuaBox, ...

The files are:

  • example-server.tf # server configuration and setup
  • digitalocean-provider.tf # provider configuration
  • terraform.py # Python script to create an ansible inventory out of terraform.


Get the MD5 fingerprint of your ssh key

ssh-keygen -lf ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub -E md5

Popolate your terraform.tfvars

cat >> terraform.tfvars <<EOF
pub_key = "~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub"
pvt_key = "~/.ssh/id_rsa"
ssh_fingerprint = "36:51:88:b9:d0:2f:7f:7c:c2:f3:38:0f:a1:9e:7a:e1"


Check the deployment plan

terraform plan

Deploy the infrastructure

terraform apply

Destroy the infrastructure

terraform destroy --force

How does it work?

Terraform reads *.tf and creates an execution plan containing all resources:

  • instances
  • volumes
  • networks
  • ..

Further resources (eg. openstack volumes|floating_ip, digitalocean droplets, docker containers, ..) can be defined via plugins.

At the end of every deployment cycle, terraform updates the terraform.tstate state file (which may be stored on s3 or on shared storage) describing the actual infrastructure.

Upon configuration changes, terraform creates and shows a new execution plan, that you can eventually apply.

As there's no ansible provisioner, a terraform.py script can be used to extract an inventory file from a terraform.tstate.