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Task Preparation System (TPS)

The Task Preparation System (TPS) is used to prepare tasks (problems) in programming contests. It has been developed and first used in the IOI 2017 in Tehran, Iran.

TPS consists of a command-line interface and a web interface. The command-line interface provides a set of scripts for preparing the tasks, while the web interface provides an interface to visualize the tasks, and prepare them for final release.

The TPS command-line interface is provided in this repository. You may find the web interface at https://github.com/ioi-2017/tps-web.


After cloning the project, just run install-tps.sh (or install-tps.bat in Windows with MSYS/Cygwin). This will add tps command to PATH and also add bash completion for it.


The tps command is a light weight script that locates BASE_DIR, the directory containing problem.json, and then, runs the corresponding script in the scripts directory. For example, tps compile a.cpp runs ${BASE_DIR}/scritps/compile.sh with argument a.cpp.

The contents of scripts directory in ${BASE_DIR} of a problem are originated from scripts directory in TPS repository, but they can be modified/customized for a specific problem. Anyway, they can be updated using command upgrade-scripts.sh. It helps a lot in detecting changes and conflicts.


A detailed documentation is provided in the docs directory.


This software is distributed under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt), and uses some third party codes that are distributed under their own terms (see LICENSE-3RD-PARTY.txt).


Copyright (c) 2017, IOI 2017 Host Technical Committee