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C# and PHP Interoperability Sample

The sample consists of a PHP project phplib and an executable C# project csharpapp.

phplib functions and class declaration 'User'

What does it do?

The PHP sources are compiled to .NET Core by Peachpie compiler which is seamlessly downloaded by dotnet itself.

csharpapp drives the use of PHP code, inherits PHP class in C# and defines PHP function in C#. First it sideloads compiled PHP project, then it defines a PHP function written in C# as lambda and then it calls PHP functions from C#.


  • .NET Core 1.0 or newer
  • Optionally - Visual Studio Code

How to run the project

  1. dotnet restore
  2. dotnet run -p csharpapp

Further information

Read more about this particular sample in our corresponding blog post or watch the video here:

C#/PHP interop