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Contributing to the ioly Cookbook

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Once you have installed ioly, it automatically connects to GitHub and downloads the main ioly-Cookbook:

If you want to add your own recipes to the cookbook, or just want to improve an existing recipe, you need to fork the cookbook to your own Github account:

Fork the Cookbook

Forking the ioly-Cookbook

Copy your fork URL so it can be cloned:

Find your ioly-Cookbook URL

Cloning the Cookbook

After you have forked, clone your repository to your computer and start making changes.

You can clone using the following command:

git clone<your-username>/ioly.git

Cloning your fork

Add your own recipe

Add your own recipe, make modifications or improvements. See Writing a recipe if you want to learn more about writing recipes.

Make changes

Commit & Push your changes back to Github

Once done, commit and push your changes back to Github.

Commit and Push

Test your changes in ioly

Download the ioly-Core:

curl -O "";

Configure ioly to use your fork

Test ioly on your target installation. In the example below, we configure ioly to use an OXID eSales installation:

$ export IOLY_SYSTEM_BASE=/Users/dh/Sites/488;
$ php ioly.php setcookbookurl;

Test your changes

$ php ioly.php install gn2netwerk/variantjump 1.0.0;

Send a pull-request

Open your fork in Github and click on Pull-Request to send your changes back to us. We will talk about them with the community and if everything works correctly, merge them into the main cookbook so everyone can use your module.

Pull request

Wash. Rinse. Repeat! :-)