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The reason you want something like this hosted here: /. Yahoo To Close Delicious Simply: The SaS-cloud is not to be trusted. SaS-clouds are like commercial centralized MMORPGs, you completely depend on a sole company for certain tasks. In that matter see: /. Skype down globally

iMarks - Manage YOUR bookmarks in YOUR cloud.

  • Setup the server anywhere you want, even at localhost or via DynDNS.
  • Tags supported :).
  • Use the chrome extension to search for bookmarks, update them or add new ones.
  • For search "options" see or enter lots of rubbish into the search field ;)

iMarks in Action


  • Tested on Ruby 1.8.7. I recommend Ruby Version Manager:
  • Requires ruby gems, 'bundler': and rails 3
  • "gem install bundler" (only use sudo if you do not use RVM)
  • "gem install rails" (only use sudo if you do not use RVM)
  • "cd iMarks" go to your application's root directory
  • you might need "bundle" to install required gems
  • "rake db:migrate" to create database schema
  • Edit app/models/user.rb. Uncomment :registerable
  • "rails s -p 3010 -e production" to start the web server (I prefer passenger, do "gem install passenger" and then "passenger start -p 3010 -e production" instead of rails s (for server))
  • "open http://localhost:3010/users/sign_up"
  • Edit app/models/users.rb comment :registerable and restart the webserver
  • "open http://localhost:3010" to use the app
  • For the chrome extension installation notes see "./_clients/README.rdoc"
  • For now you may edit the iframe's src attribute to match it to the domain/IP you run iMarks server on
  • If you are on a mac, checkout the supplied applescript os x application in ./_launcher

Known Bugs

  • "name already taken" for some tag savings (for instance if you supply a (new) tag name twice on bookmark creation)

Alpha TODO


  • Add/Edit form styles
  • Autoadd "^" to params search (stands for "starts with")
  • Remove "^" from params-search if its the only char

Chrome Client

  • Options: Set server IP
  • Options: Set hotkey for saving

1.0 Beta TODO


  • Aftersave: On HTTP/HTTPS read the documents title on a short timeout if user given title is empty
  • Presistant search result on next open (cookie)
  • Test and document Heroku deployment (for other users)

Chrome Client

  • Presistant search result on next open + cookie storage (on next open of browser) (localstorage)
  • Icon overhaul

1.1 TODO


  • Large clickable backgrounds
  • Hotkeys (arrows for the list, CMD/CTRL/META+S for saving)
  • Test/Add Keyboard Navigation

Web Client

  • Stylesheets for standard web browsers
  • Stylesheets for iPhone/Android

2.0 TODO

Chrome Client

  • Add clickable bookmark icon which reads http's/html <title> and applys this (optional) title to the bookmark. Copy chromes bookmark icon funcionality, add tags field.
  • Option: disable Chromes internal bookmark star
  • Autocompletion for tags
  • Change icon depending on if the server is reachable
  • Tags: Max 50 per Bookmark
  • Tags: Case in-sensitive "find", case sensitive create/update (e.g. "overwrite")


  • Tags: Plural/singluar in-sensitive "find", update to whatever is specified

3.0 TODO

Safari Client

  • :-)

Firefox Client

  • :-)

Future thoughts and ideas?!


  • iMarks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See:
  • License permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
  • iMarks License might change to something like LGPL3/GPL3 OR like LGPL3/GPL3 with a non military clause (GPL incompatible), not sure yet.
  • Contains source code which is licensed under multiple open source licenses like MIT/BSD/GPL.