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IONDV. Framework is an Open-Source JavaScript framework based on metadata for rapid business application development.


  1. IONDV. Framework is a high level framework for enterprise web applications development.

    JavaScript 56 21

  2. studio Public

    Studio is an IONDV. Framework specialized IDE that helps accelerate the development of applications on the framework. Try it -‌.

    JavaScript 6 1

  3. aib Public

    IONDV. Artificial Intelligence Bus module

    JavaScript 6 6

  4. registry Public

    IONDV. Framework: Registry module is the main module to work with metadata.

    JavaScript 4 1

  5. IONDV application for forming and marking up datasets and dataset based checking of the results of differently set tensorflow models training

    JavaScript 4

  6. Automating sending requests and getting the freight quote via puppeteer

    JavaScript 1


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