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Attribute types

Attribute type - indicates the type of data supported by the attribute, such as the size of valid values and others.

Identifier Name Type in DB Description
0 String String A data type whose value is an arbitrary sequence (string) of the alphabet characters. Each variable of this type (string variable) can be represented by a fixed number of characters.
1 Text String Stores text data.
2 HTML String Formatted text containing hypertext markup with the ability to edit, inclusive of the possible outlines.
3 URL String Stores the reference, allows to save any string.
4 Image String Image stored in file storage with preview in views.
5 File String File stored in file storage.
6 Integer Int32 Whole number.
7 Real number Double Any positive number, negative number, or zero.
9 Date/time Date Date in ISODate format. It can be displayed as a date, or as a date-time.
8 Decimal Double Number in the decimal numeric. The alphabet of this number system consists of 10 digits from zero to 9, hence the name is decimal.
10 Logical Boolean Accepts two possible values - true or false.
11 Password String Password hash.
12 Global identifier String A type intended for a class key field. Involves exhibiting unique and autocomplete attributes.
13 Reference String A data type that stores a reference to objects of another class.
14 Collection Array A collection is a data type that stores references to other objects. Each link contains the value of the object identifier defined in the meta class. Links should be separated by commas. All values of the sequence of links and commas is stored in the database in the form of a string.
15 Multiplicity String Stores a set of discrete values from a predefined selection list.
16 Structure String A data type that stores a reference to a class-structure object.
17 User type String Provides the ability to define uset types based on primitive types.
18 User String Stores the username, for security settings, in the format name@local.
100 Geodata Object A special data type that stores coordinates with unique views for creating and editing.
110 File collection String Attribute type to store up to 5 files, with overall size limitations and the ability to specify valid file extensions.
210 Schedule Array Data type for storing data in the form of calendar/schedule.

Attribute type identifiers:

module.exports = {
  STRING: 0,
  TEXT: 1,
  HTML: 2,
  URL: 3,
  IMAGE: 4,
  FILE: 5,
  INT: 6,
  REAL: 7,
  BOOLEAN: 10,
  GUID: 12,
  SET: 15,
  STRUCT: 16,
  CUSTOM: 17,
  USER: 18,
  PERIOD: 60,
  GEO: 100,
  FILE_LIST: 110,

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