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IONDV. Ticket-en - demo app for social nutrition tickets
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IONDV. Nutrition-tickets

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IONDV. Framework nutrition tickets

The IONDV. Nutrition-tickets web-app is licensed under Apache 2.0. The app is implemented on IONDV. Framework as a simple example of a basic application created in IONDV. Studio. It's a part of "How to create applications in IONDV. Studio" tutorial.

IONDV. Framework in brief

IONDV. Framework - is a node.js open source framework for developing accounting applications or microservices based on metadata and individual modules. Framework is a part of instrumental digital platform to create enterprise (ERP) apps. This platform consists of the following open-source components: the IONDV. Framework, the modules и ready-made applications expanding it functionality, visual development environment Studio to create metadata for the app.


IONDV. Nutrition-tickets - is a web application based on IONDV. Framework, created in IONDV. Studio. It is used as a registry to account, store, and present the data on preferential coupons for citizens with a preferential category. The main purpose of the application is the issuance of tickets for social nutrition. The key entity is a Ticket, that contains descriptive information and references to the person. The main advantage - control of tickets for people with a particular preferential category, which allows, if necessary, to obtain accurate information about a ticket or person.

How to create?

Watch a brief video about creating a simple application - IONDV. Nutrition-tickets in IONDV. Studio. Read the detailed instructions, where the process is described step by step.


Demo access to the system without registration: There are three different roles: operator, cashier, and controller. The name of a role corresponds to its login, the password is one for all four logins - ion-demo.

Account for back office as a user with the role of "Administrator": login - demo, password ion-demo.


The basis of all data is Registry module. Registry module – is a central module designed specifically for working with data based on metadata structures - including project management, programs, events, etc. Also used:

  • Admin module - is used for assigning rights, managing tasks on a schedule and other administrative tasks;

How to get the app?


Quick start with the IONDV. Nutrition-tickets repository on GitHub — detailed instruction.

  1. Set the system environment and global dependencies.
  2. Clone the core, module and application.
  3. Build and deploy the app.
  4. Run.

Install and run with a single line under Linux using the iondv-app installer (install lоcally node.js, MongoDB и Git):

bash <(curl -sL -t git -q -i -m localhost:27017 nutrition-tickets

Where insted of localhost:27017 you need to set the MongoDb adress. After launch, open the link 'http://localhost:8888', account back office is available - 'http://localhost:8888/registry' demo, password ion-demo.


Run application using docker container - detailed instruction.

  1. Run MongoDB: docker run --name mongodb -v mongodb_data:/data/db -p 27017:27017 -d mongo
  2. Run IONDV. Nutrition-tickets docker run -d -p 80:8888 --link mongodb iondv/nutrition-tickets.
  3. Open the http://localhost link in a browser in a minute (time required to initialize data). For back office login: demo, password: ion-demo

Useful links

Some handy links to learn more information:

LicenseContact usRussian

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Copyright (c) 2018 LLC "ION DV".
All rights reserved.

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