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fix #133 - nil reference to CDV_LOCAL_SERVER #135

merged 4 commits into from Aug 14, 2018
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Just for now

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@@ -146,12 +146,13 @@ - (void)initWebServer
NSString * wwwPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"www" ofType: nil];
[self updateBindPath];
[self setServerPath:wwwPath];
[self startServer];
NSDictionary * settings = self.commandDelegate.settings;
//bind to designated hostname or default to localhost
@@ -165,6 +166,14 @@ -(void)startServer
//set the local server name
self.CDV_LOCAL_SERVER = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"http://%@:%d", bind, portNumber];
NSDictionary * settings = self.commandDelegate.settings;
//bind to designated port or default to 8080
int portNumber = [settings cordovaFloatSettingForKey:@"WKPort" defaultValue:8080];
//enable suspend in background if set in config
BOOL suspendInBackground = [settings cordovaBoolSettingForKey:@"WKSuspendInBackground" defaultValue:YES];
@@ -755,7 +764,8 @@ -(void)setServerPath:(NSString *) path
if (restart) {
[self.webServer stop];
NSString *serverUrl = self.CDV_LOCAL_SERVER;
__block NSString* serverUrl = self.CDV_LOCAL_SERVER;
[self.webServer addGETHandlerForBasePath:@"/" directoryPath:path indexFilename:((CDVViewController *)self.viewController).startPage cacheAge:0 allowRangeRequests:YES];
[self.webServer addHandlerForMethod:@"GET" pathRegex:@"_file_/" requestClass:GCDWebServerFileRequest.class asyncProcessBlock:^(__kindof GCDWebServerRequest * _Nonnull request, GCDWebServerCompletionBlock _Nonnull completionBlock) {
NSString *urlToRemove = [serverUrl stringByAppendingString:@"/_file_"];
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