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Breaking Changes

The webpack config format changed from being a config that is exported to being a dictionary of configs. Basically, the default config now exports a dev and prod property with a config assigned to each. See an example of the change here. This change is setting the stage for adding multiple "environment" support for the next app-scripts release.

New Features

This release adds support for ngo, the Angular team's build optimizer tool. ngo is enabled by default on --prod builds. In the event that ngo is not working for your app or something goes wrong, it can be disabled by running the following build command.

ionic build ios --aot --minifyjs --minifycss

Using the --aot flag enables the AoT Compiler. --minifyjs and --minifycss minify the outputted code.


Version 3.0.0 deprecated support for Rollup, Closure Compiler, and Babili. The support for these was poor and they were not used by many developers. uglifyjs was replaced with the newer uglifyes, which supports ES2015.

Bug Fixes

  • aot: normalize paths to fix path issues on windows (b766037)
  • build: scan deeplink dir too if different from srcDir (8929265)
  • deep-linking: convert deep linking to use TS Transform. DeepLinking now works on TypeScript src instead of on transpiled JS code (63c4c7f)
  • deep-linking: remove IonicPage import statement in transform/non-transform approachs to work better with strict TS settings (84d9ec7)
  • devapp: do not enable shake (#1215) (118189c)
  • generators: correct pipes default folder name (f0ea0da)
  • ngc: don't replace deeplink config if an existing one exists (eeed98b)
  • optimization: removing optimizations in preparation for ngo, updating to latest deps (90eb8b3)
  • postprocess: fix and add tests for the logic surrounding purging fonts (0dd1b22)
  • sass: include the platforms dir by default (0da47cb)
  • transpile: check for existing deep link config before using generated one (c51ac93)
  • webpack: when analyzing stats, factor in new shape of ModuleConcatenation info (00cf038)