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@liamdebeasi liamdebeasi released this
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Bug Fixes

  • angular: add warning if initialized more than once (#19393) (e98769e)
  • animation: set property defaults to avoid inconsistencies (#19321) (1cbb52c)
  • animation: fallback to CSS Animations on older versions of Chrome (#19288) (2d39c07), closes #19272
  • animation: animations of duration 0 now run in Safari (#19287) (4e544f1), closes #19285
  • components: fix crash in IE11 when using classList add() or remove() (#19460) (b4d92c6)
  • components: improve CSS Variable support in IE11 (#19473) (44ad074)
  • content: remove pointer-events from iOS transition shadow (#19471) (8a52c7d), closes #19466
  • menu: menus show proper drop shadows (#19454) (eab0865), closes #19387
  • radio-group: get radios before caching value to avoid infinite loop (#19448) (cf223e4), closes #19277
  • react: update events to use proper types (c79e74b)
  • router-outlet: hide leaving view after transition finishes (#19335) (bfa17d1)


Performance Improvements

  • animation: avoid ngzone with requestAnimationFrame (#19457) (8ca97ce)