Collection of gulp tasks for building Ionic apps
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Now that Ionic 2 is out of beta, please see the ionic-app-scripts repository for Ionic 2 build configuration scripts.

Ionic Gulp tasks

A curated collection of Gulp tasks for building Ionic apps. Using these tasks allows you to stay up to date if the default Ionic 2 build changes while it is in beta.


Tasks are configured to work by default with the Ionic starters generated by the Ionic CLI.

The current list of tasks is:

* Community maintained (not in this repo)


To use a task in your Ionic project's Gulpfile, require it, then register it:

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    buildWebpack = require('ionic-gulp-webpack-build');

gulp.task('build', buildWebpack);


Each task takes an optional options object:

  gulp.task('watch', function(){
    return webpackBuild({ watch: true });  

The options depend on each task. For more information on a particular task, take a look at its README.

Return value

Each task returns either a stream or promise.