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Swipeable card based layout for Ionic and Angular
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Ionic Contrib: Swipeable Cards

Swipeable card based layout for Ionic and Angular. As seen in apps like Jelly



Include ionic.swipecards.js after the rest of your Ionic and Angular includes. Then use the following AngularJS directives:

  <swipe-card ng-repeat="card in cards" on-destroy="cardDestroyed($index)" on-card-swipe="cardSwiped($index)">
    Card content here

To add new cards dynamically, just add them to the cards array:

$ = [
  { // card 1 },
  { // card 2 }

$scope.cardDestroyed = function(index) {
  $, 1);

$scope.cardSwiped = function(index) {
  var newCard = // new card data
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