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@ionic-native/google-maps (v5.27.0)

@ionic-native/google-maps plugin is a wrapper plugin for cordova-plugin-googlemaps for Ionic framework.

Ionic Native wraps plugin callbacks in a Promise or Observable, providing a common interface for all plugins and making it easy to use plugins with Angular change detection.


First of all, you need to generate API keys for Google Maps APIs.

Second, run following command to install @ionic-native/core and @ionic-native/google-maps plugins in your project.

npm install @ionic-native/core@beta @ionic-native/google-maps@beta

ionic cordova plugin add

Third, update config.xml with your API keys.

<widget ...>
  <preference name="GOOGLE_MAPS_ANDROID_API_KEY" value="(api key)" />
  <preference name="GOOGLE_MAPS_IOS_API_KEY" value="(api key)" />


For the full Ionic Native documentation, please checkout this page.

Also there are documents/demos for your help:



Before asking your trouble, please check the trouble shooting guides.

If you can't solve your problem, please report to ionic-native-google-maps repository.