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Pull requests are welcome!

Just be sure you have permission to submit the hook. Perhaps asking the author to do a pull request for their work is a better idea? Otherwise, look for an MIT license.

These are the guidelines for pull requests:

  • Only .sh and .js are supported.
  • If using Javascript, follow the module pattern as outlined in the Cordova documentation.
  • Put hooks in the root of the repository.
  • Take off the numbered prefixes, (e.g. 010_do_something.js -> do_something.js). Those are for ordering, and ordering can be done by rearranging the <hook /> tags in config.xml.
  • Give them a concise, descriptive, and/or recognizable name.
  • Add the hook alphabetically to the Hooks section of, filling out author, usage (which is an example of the <hook /> tag, including the appropriate, recommended hook type), and function (which briefly outlines what the hook does).