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Ionic Preview App

This app accompanies the Ionic component documentation.


Installation & Development

  1. clone this repo: git clone
  2. cd ionic-preview-app
  3. npm install
  4. run ionic serve from a terminal

Running locally on the site

  1. Clone ionic-site as a sibling directory to this app: git clone
  2. Follow the steps for running ionic-site locally:
  3. Follow the steps for running this repo:
  4. Make any changes you want to this project and then build/serve it
  5. Copy the www folder to ionic-site/dist/preview-app/: cp -R www ../ionic-site/content/dist/preview-app
  6. If the site doesn't update you may need to restart gulp watch

Updating ionic-site

ionic-site will automatically update on every commit to the master branch of this repo.