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Ionic React Conference Application

This application is purely a kitchen-sink demo of the Ionic Framework and React.

There is not an actual Ionic Conference at this time. This project is just to show off Ionic components in a real-world application.

Angular and Vue versions

We've built versions of this Conference app in Angular and Vue for developers that would prefer to use one of those framework options:

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • Download the installer for Node LTS.
  • Install the ionic CLI globally: npm install -g ionic
  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Run npm install from the project root.
  • Run ionic serve in a terminal from the project root.
  • Profit. 🎉

App Preview


Material Design iOS
Android Menu iOS Menu

Schedule Page

Material Design iOS
Android Schedule iOS Schedule

Speakers Page

Material Design iOS
Android Speakers iOS Speakers

Speaker Detail Page

Material Design iOS
Android Speaker Detail iOS Speaker Detail

About Page

Material Design iOS
Android About iOS About


This is a very early version of the ionic react conference app.



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