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@brandyscarney brandyscarney released this Aug 5, 2016 · 4639 commits to master since this release

2.0.0-beta.11 (2016-08-05)

Bug Fixes

  • activator: do not activate elements while scrolling (845a516), closes #7141
  • animation: ele as string selector (9fa31a1)
  • animation: fix easing timing function (0cb093e), closes #7130
  • app: add status bar padding when tab subpages are hidden (d01ee4b), closes #7203
  • backdrop: flicker in UIWebView (44ab527)
  • backdrop: use raf when adding/removing disable-scroll css (941cb1d)
  • bootstrap: return promise and resolve ionicBootstrap (aebdf2f), closes #7145
  • bootstrap: tapclick is injected, probably (#7128) (7358072)
  • button: apply css for buttons w/ ngIf (816a648), closes #5927
  • button: outline buttons do not have hairline borders in iOS (4e88f89)
  • datetime: format seconds token (4fff262), closes #6951
  • datetime-util: fix convertDataToISO to handle negative timezone offsets (ba53a23)
  • generator: change nav to navCtrl (b19547c)
  • gestures: detecting swipe angle correctly + sliding item logic fix (d230cb4)
  • input: add input highlight for ios, fix the highlight size (11a24b9), closes #6449
  • item: sliding item is closed when tapped (7aa559a), closes #7094
  • loading: clear timeout if dismissed before timeout fires (5bbe31a)
  • loading: fix loading overlay during app init (b615c60), closes #6209
  • menu: add statusbarPadding to the header and content in a menu (a468fde), closes #7385
  • menu: fix content going under header (3cd31c3), closes #7084
  • menu: getBackdropElement (cac1d4f)
  • menu: only one menu can be opened at a time (cac378f), closes #6826
  • menu: swipe menu is triggered when the swipe |angle| < 40º (32a70a6)
  • nav: fire lifecycle events from app root portal (a4e393b)
  • nav: fix menuCtrl reference in swipe back (55a5e83)
  • nav: register child nav when created from modal (61a8625)
  • picker: fix iOS 8 picker display (86fd8a4), closes #7319
  • popover: remove min-height from ios, add sass variables (55bc32d), closes #7215
  • range: add mouse listeners to document (267ced6)
  • range: align the label in an item range to the center (d675d39), closes #7046
  • range: ion-label stacked with ion-range (#7050) (5a8fe82), closes #7046
  • range: set ticks to an empty array to prevent errors (7a2ad99)
  • reorder: better style (f289ac6)
  • reorder: canceled reorder is animated smoothly back (8483a43)
  • reorder: non ion-item elements can be reordered (ea9dd02), closes #7339
  • reorder: reorder can be used with any element (d993a1b)
  • scroll: fix scrolling after switching tabs (e4bbcc6), closes #7154
  • select: add the cssClass passed by the user to the alert for a select (81ddd7f), closes #6835
  • slides: delay loading slides until view ready (580b8d5), closes #7089
  • sliding: much better UX + performance (d6f62bc), closes #6913 #6958
  • tabs: add sass variable for inactive opacity and pass it to the colors loop (99efa36)
  • tabs: center tabbar content (997d54e)
  • tabs: fix preloadTabs null element reference (2d19308), closes #7109
  • tabs: make the text color opaque instead of the entire button (dd969a2), closes #6638
  • util: UIEventManager should handle touchcancel event (b805602)


  • alert: allow smooth overflow scrolling (5542a93)
  • content: add a resize function to recalculate the content size (1fe1c1e)
  • footer: apply shadow on MD footer and tabbar bottom (686c262)
  • gesture: Introducing new gesture controller (9f19023)
  • gesture-controller: disable/enable scrolling (72c24bc)
  • header: apply shadow on MD headers (6fa2faf)
  • ion-content: iOS only scroll bounce (5c80445)
  • select: add disabled status in select options (76619cf)
  • tabbar: apply shadow on MD tabbar top (1f4b3e2)
  • tabs: add the transition for material design tabs (eea7e6b)
  • toolbar: add attributes to hide all borders and box shadows (88b637b), closes #7237
  • viewcontroller: add onWillDismiss callback (ec99bfd), closes #6702

Performance Improvements

  • animation: using will-change when using progressStep() (267aa32)
  • menu: several improvements (86c5aaf)


  • range: revert PR #7050, it breaks stacked labels and double labels (65c84b3)
  • tabs: undo commit that removes tab sub pages (087e2f2)


  • input: S:

Fixed typos in the input highlight variables:

  • $text-input-md-hightlight-color-valid ->
  • $text-input-wp-hightlight-color-valid ->

Modified variables to turn on/off the highlight:

ios (defaults to false for all):

$text-input-ios-show-focus-highlight:      false !default;
$text-input-ios-show-focus-highlight !default;
$text-input-ios-show-focus-highlight !default;

md (defaults to true for all):

$text-input-md-show-focus-highlight:        true !default;
$text-input-md-show-focus-highlight !default;
$text-input-md-show-focus-highlight !default;

wp (defaults to true for all):

$text-input-wp-show-focus-highlight:        true !default;
$text-input-wp-show-focus-highlight !default;
$text-input-wp-show-focus-highlight !default;
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