@brandyscarney brandyscarney released this Nov 17, 2016 · 3801 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

2.0.0-rc.3 (2016-11-17)

Bug Fixes

  • animation: always run before classes and functions (d9e9ece), closes #8842 #8769
  • animation: regression in _willChg() (91f5087)
  • button: fix ios buttons in colored toolbar so they don't use the default color (0e53ec3), closes #8566
  • colors: override element styling and tweak colors for card and item (ee3decc), closes #9081
  • components: add a mode agnostic css class (#9133) (025c5cc), closes #8545
  • datetime: fix min/max displayFormat and pickerFormat (c72b67d), closes #8729
  • gestures: gesture controller handled by components (32ab817), closes #9046 #9130 #9052 #7444
  • item: fix color input for item divider and list header (5e5c33a), closes #8376
  • nav: controller is initialized (beab06f)
  • nav: fixes empty stack condition (909293a)
  • nav: it is not allowed to pop all the views (0ab990c)
  • nav: returning Promise in canLeave / canEnter works as expected (5f1a862)
  • nav: transitioning state is a boolean not a timer (63d495a)
  • nav: willLeave is called before willEnter (b77b2ae), closes #9163
  • nav: zIndex in overlays (70f8a8e)
  • picker: prevents scrolling under the picker (2348d22)
  • sass: change default font path (#8811) (0940d5a)
  • sass: remove usage of colors other than primary, improve error (#8907) (eb0b05d), closes #8266
  • styles: update ios and md styles closer to native (9f7972b)
  • test: class 'Page5' incorrectly extends base class (a98284a)
  • typography: Exclude ion-item on a tags selector (#8340) (b00860b)


  • export NavControllerBase for building of components similar to ion-tab (24b087c)
  • input: clearOnEdit feature. Closes #9187 (9469b4f)
  • IonicErrorHandler: custom ionic error handler provider (6b77772)
  • tappable: auto add tappable attribute for ion-item clicks (5c4838b)

Performance Improvements

  • animation: improves _progress() hot function (c44f6b6)
  • animation: optimizing hot loops (c78dc19)
  • animation: set after styles should not be recursive (3a2ff85)
  • click: increase number to find activatable elements (c8aad56), closes #9190
  • item: improve performance of sliding item (#9005) (759e3ea)
  • item: reorder is only added to the DOM if needed (dec5a0b), closes #9065
  • menu: avoid change detection when it isn't needed (#8986) (d531ec2)
  • nav: avoid running zone when it is not needed (be72d39)
  • picker: improves performance of picker and datepicker (fc2ee64)
  • picker: improves picker UX feedback (cfbc5ea)


  • sass: - $fab-<mode>-in-list-background-color ->
  • $fab-<mode>-in-list-text-color ->
  • $fab-<mode>-in-list-background-color-activated ->