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New Plugins:


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Same as 0.1.25-alpha; except this time I remembered to include the package.json and the bower.json changes (didn't amend the commit, I know, I know).

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The following changes are in this release from 0.1.24:


PR #1133: Adding push.finish() method required by iOS
PR #1216 added getBadgeNumber()

Network Plugin (Mock):

PR #1136 : Switch mode for network mock

CordovaDeviceMotion plugin

PR #1191 : Now doesn't crash when the accelerometer is not present or available.

NativeAudio Plugin

PR #1203 : fix plugin parameters; we weren't including delay and we should have been.

CordovaMedia Plugin

PR #1205 : fixing issue where the promise wouldn't be able to resolve.

ActionSheet Service (Mock)

PR #1208 : Added mock for your testing enjoyment.


PR #1202 Added readFileMetaData() function. Happy Metadata reading!

Cordova Progress Plugin

PR #1148 - Added Mock.

Cordova dialog Plugin

Added missing android methods

Also Issue #1200 asked "Is this project dead?"

Short answer? No.

Until Ionic Native supports every plugin and everyone has moved to it from ngCordova 1.x, I'm still here to support 1.x.

I use Ionic 1.x and ngCordova 1.x because it makes business sense to do so. Ionic 2 is cool; but if you need mature plugin support, ngCordova 1.x is still your best shot.

We [I] generally release new versions of ngCordova every 3 months; dev-next always contains the latest and greatest, and I use that branch to test changes. If you want to be bleeding edge, you can use it; but it is a development branch for a reason.

Also, the releases are still 'alpha'. A little weird given we're using them in production, but that should change with the next release. I'd love to pull the alpha tag off.

@gortok gortok released this Jan 15, 2016 · 35 commits to master since this release

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This release features improvements and changes to the following plugin wrappers:


  • PR #1079 :
    Added start/stopScan, enable methods
    • renamed writeCommand to writeWithoutResponse (with backwards-compatibility in mind)
    • removed promise from startNotification


  • PR #1007
    • Added Mocks for Unit Testing


  • PR #1019
    • available() now returns a promise (as it should have all along. Sorry about that).


  • PR #1038 and PR #1039
    • New functions available:
  • getAppName(), getPackageName(), getVersionNumber()


  • PR #1123 and resolves issue #1117
    • Remove the $cordovaOauth module from the tree; it was a submodule, now it's separately released by @nraboy. This was due to a number of issues run into by developers when when trying to pull in changes from the module when creating PRs.


  • PR #1096
  • We apparently forgot how to spell 'fields'. that has now been fixed.


  • PR #1106
    • We now handle the the reject on show() if there's an error.


  • PR #1109 : The options and trust arguments are reversed
    This resolves an issue with the mock for $cordovaFileTransfer.download() where the 2nd and 3rd argument were reversed.


  • PR #1127 - add wrapper for Toast.hide()
    • you can now use $cordovaToast.hide(). Don't use it all in one place.

PR #1130, update readme URLs to point to new redirects for projects.