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RethinkDB connection pool

repool is a Python library which provides a connection pool management for accessing a RethinkDB database. repool creates and maintains a configurable pool of active connection to a RethinkDB database. These connections are then available individually through a basic API.

Internally, repool uses the Python Queue class which is thread-safe. This means that the same connection pool can be share between several threads.


repool is available as a python library on Pypi. Installation is very simple using pip :

$ pip install repool

This will install repool as well as rethinkdb dependency.

Basic usage

A new connection pool using default connection configurations (host="localhost", port=28015, db="test", auth_key="", timeout=20) can simply be created by :

from repool import ConnectionPool

pool = ConnectionPool()
conn = pool.acquire()         #returns a Connection instance
r.table('heroes').run(conn)   #do RethinkDB stuff
# ...
pool.release(conn)          #put back connection to the pool
pool.release_pool()         #release pool (close rethinkdb connections)

Optional arguments

ConnectionPool creation accepts a number of optional arguments :

  • host, port, db, auth_key, timeout : which corresponds to rethinkdb connect() method.
  • pool_size : set the pool size, ie. the number of connections opened simultaneously (default=10).
  • conn_ttl : set the connection time to live. Connections older than TTL are automatically closed and re-opened by an internal thread (default=3600 seconds, set to 0 for disable)
  • cleanup: the interval between each pool cleanup for old connections (default=60 seconds)