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This is now being maintained by @coffeencoke at this repo

Tired of Dating?

Date UTC Parser was written so that I could guarantee to either get back a UTC Date Time object, or nil - while writing some API's for mobile apps. That's all I wanted, and that's what this guy does.

Along with that, it will return the humanized UTC example string, and it contains the regex that will match that string, can be used for error handling.

Using It

Install it as a gem

gem install date_utc_parser

Require it in your app

require 'date_utc_parser'

Start using it.

Some Examples

Time Object to UTC Time Object

unparsed_time =
unparsed_time.utc? #=> false 
parsed_time = DateUtcParser.parse unparsed_time # => 2012-07-07 18:59:02 UTC 
parsed_time.utc? #=> true 

UTC Time String to UTC Time Object

unparsed_time = "2012-07-08T12:13:14Z"
parsed_time = DateUtcParser.parse unparsed_time # => 2012-07-08 12:13:14 UTC
parsed_time.utc? #=> true 

Everything else

unparsed_time = "white russian"
parsed_time = DateUtcParser.parse unparsed_time # => nil


Fork it, branch your topic, test it, make a pull request.

I suggest you bounce your idea off of me first so you don't make wasted effort.