Set of Atom plugins for F# development

[Project is deprecated, we suggest to use VSCode version of Ionide instead]


It's part of Ionide plugin suite. F# IDE-like possibilities in Atom editor

Plugin is using linter plugin to handle error highlighting and error list display. Installation of this plugin is required. Required plugin is installed automatically if ionide-installer is used. Otherwise You need to install required plugin on Your own/.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto completions
  • Error highlighting and error list in bottom panel (linter plugin required)
  • Tooltips
  • Commenting
  • Go to Declaration
  • Support for script files or F# projects (if plugin does not detect .fsproj file, just open it ).
  • Highlighting usages
  • Quick Info panel

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  • Clone this repository
  • Run build.cmd (for Windows) or (for Linux / Max) to build projects
  • Go to release folder and run apm link to create symbolic link between plugin and Atom's plugins folder
  • Run Atom

Contributing and copyright

The project is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests.

The library is available under MIT license, which allows modification and redistribution for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.