Version 3.0.0

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New commands

  • F#: Change Workspace or Solution will show the list to change sln or use the directory


Go-to for #load

ref PR #517

Implement "Go to Definition" for #load, #r, #I directives

LineLenses, inlined CodeLenses replacement

ref PR #510

For now it's disabled by default when code lenses is enabled.
Fast way to enable it in setting:

    "editor.codeLens": false,
    "FSharp.lineLens.enabled": "replaceCodeLens"

other settings can be configured with settings FSharp.lineLens.*

Sln support

ref PR #480

At start, peek in the workspace directory searching for sln and fsproj projects. Based on mode setting (see below), the projects are loaded.

Modes using setting FSharp.workspaceMode

  • sln (default) -> prefer sln, if any. Use the sln if only one exists, ask user with list if multiple exists. load the directory if noone
  • directory -> search starting from root directory (ignoring directories in FSharp.excludeProjectDirectories setting) for fsproj projects, up to FSharp.workspaceModePeekDeepLevel nested level of directories
  • ionideSearch-> previous behaviour (legacy), search of fsproj in ionide side (the mode directory search using FSAC)

additional configurations:

  • FSharp.workspaceModePeekDeepLevel: The deep level of directory hierarchy when searching for sln/projects. Default 2 ( so search up to ./src/SomeprojectDir/ )

Forge 2.0 support

Projects status enhancements

Quality of life enhancement for projects loading

  • Added project loading state progress to F# Project Explorer during initialization ( not yet loaded -> loading -> failed -> loaded)
  • Right click on failed loaded project in solution explorer (suffix (load failed)) -> Show info about failed project loading -> see error info about loading.
  • Right click on successfully loaded project in solution explorer -> Show Project status -> see info.
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