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Welcome to the ION GitHub wiki! - for all you digital currency, ION masternodes and gaming needs.

The goal of is to make it easy for any user to discover digital currency. New users learn how our digital currency, called ION, works by using it on an intuitively designed platform. Mobile and desktop platforms make ION accessible to nearly all users.

The website is a full featured financial platform that’s easy to use. Web-based wallets for both ION and Bitcoin (BTC) make it a snap for users to store, send, and receive coin.

As with any Cryptocurrency, individuals can also store and stake their ION on local private wallets outside the platform on any major operating system. Intermediate and advanced users with 20,000 ION can host “Masternodes”. These Masternodes help secure the network and are rewarded with ION for that work. See the ION Technical White Paper for details.

Social media and info

Official Channels ionomy home page ION coin and the ionomy updates ionomics Twitter feed ionomy technical support (Twitter) ionomy Facebook ionomy Reddit ionomy YouTube channel ionomy support Zendesk Help centre
[] Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ionomy Community ION coin community Twitter feed ionomy news feed ION coin community forum feed ionmadness commentary ION Discord chat channels ION Telegram Group

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General Links ION Masternode Growth and Revenue (Credit to Mr Visual live Masternodes GUI (Credit to mnp_jason)

BTC/ION Trading exchanges and markets Bittrex Trading exchange UpBit Trading exchange

- This is the ionomy code, compiling and resource wiki, for the ionomy articles wiki visit:

ionomy wiki

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