HOW TO: Convert xION to ION

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ION 3.0 deploys the Zerocoin protocol. “Zero knowledge proofs” provide robust privacy by obscuring the source of coins in a transaction. This new feature brings increases anonymity to ION. If you do not wish to hold xION you can easily convert it back to ION in your QT wallet.

xION automint features can be found under Settings - Options
From here you can disable the XION automint feature or you can change the percentage of autominted xION

You can also disable automint or change the percentage of autominted xION in ioncoin.conf. Edit your ioncoin.conf and add the following two lines



You can determine if you wallet has a xION balance by looking at the overview tab


If you do have a xION balance and would like to convert it back to ION you can do so at anytime.

  • Generate a new receive address for ION under the receive tab. I gave the address a label of xION just to keep track of the transaction. However it is not necessary to do so.

  • Under the Privacy tab input the address that was just generated into the Pay To field.


  • Ensure you have the correct address and amount that you would like to convert and hit the Spend Zerocoin button

If your wallet is locked sending xION will require you to input your password. After that you will get a confirmation window. Double check that the address and the amount are correct

After the transaction is confirmed your xION will not be ION

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