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a javascript client for the sashimi interactive fiction engine
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A javascript client for the sashimi interactive fiction engine.

Sushi is the Javascript client for the game "Alice and the Galactic Traveller."

In theory, this code could be used with any Sashimi IF game. But, there are a few reasons this doesn't work in practice:

  1. The code contains a few hard-coded references to character and events which are specific to Alice's story files. ( There are probably around 20 such customizations. )
  2. The html contains menus ( including the credits screen! ) which are specific to the game.
  3. The tools used to generate map and item files are not yet publicly available.
  4. There are build scripts ( including bower dependencies, etc. ) which are not included.

It's still -- I hope -- an interesting reference ( and an interesting use-case for the AngularJs version of hsm-statechart. ) It may become more generally useful -- less dependent on Alice -- with time.

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