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jsfmt for Sublime Text 2/3

If you want your javascript automatically formatted to abide a particular style, then jsfmt is for you. No need to read warnings and fix things yourself. Just keep it all auto. Boom boom jsfmt is pretty tight. And yeah, if you want it in Sublime Text this is your homeboy.

Enable autoformat then save the file and it gets formatted.


Via package control
Open your command palette -> Package Control: Install Package -> jsfmt


## go to your ST packages folder. maybe something like …
cd ~/Library/"Application Support/Sublime Text 2"/Packages

# clone this repo
git clone jsfmt

On windows open cmd and:

cd %APPDATA%\"Sublime Text 3"\Packages
git clone jsfmt

Plugins included


    // autoformat on save
    "autoformat": false,

    // array of extensions for autoformat
    "extensions": ["js", "sublime-settings"],

    // options for jsfmt
    "options": {
        "preset": "jquery",
        "indent": {
            "value": "    "
        // plugins included
        "plugins": [
            // "esformatter-quotes",
            // "esformatter-semicolons",
            // "esformatter-braces",
            // "esformatter-dot-notation"
    "options-JSON": {
        "plugins": [
        "quotes": {
            "type": "double"
    "alert-errors": true,
    // path to nodejs
    "node-path": "node",
    // if true it will format the whole file even if you have a selection active
    "ignore-selection": false


Command palette:

  • JSFMT: Format the current file
  • JSFMT: Toggle autoformat
  • JSFMT: Settings - Default
  • JSFMT: Settings - User

Preferences -> Package Settings -> Sublime JSFMT

Keyboard shortcut
If you want to trigger the formatting on a keyboard shortcut you will need to:

  • Go to Preferences -> Key Bindings - User
  • Insert the configuration to call the format_javascript command
{ "keys": ["ctrl+q"], "command": "format_javascript" },

Formatting rules

You can set global rules via a .jsfmtrc. Be crazy and establish one for all your projects in ~/.jsfmtrc. (like in dotfiles)

Otherwise you're probably pretty levelheaded and will probably provide one in your project root. It'll be read and applied.

Rules you can intuit from these esformatter preset files.

There's a .jsfmtrc-sample in this repo. It's a good start. Rename it and toss it somewhere. Try it out.

Installing plugins

If you want to use a plugin that is not installed by default you will need to follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the packages folder (Preferences -> Browse Packages)
  2. cd into the jsfmt folder.
  3. Install the plugins you need.
  4. Go to your jsfmt settings file and add the name of the plugin in the plugins array.


Should work in both ST2 and ST3.


If you find any bugs feel free to report them here
Pull requests are also encouraged.