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A set of CTL (compliance test language) files and utility scripts to test IOOS SOS implementations. Uses OGC's teamengine to run tests.

Still a work in progress. All GetCapabilities and DescribeSensor tests have been implemented. GetObservation still need a lot of work.

See list of covered tests for implementation converage.

See full test list for the full list of IOOS SOS tests.


Java 7+ is required.

This project is tested on Linux and Windows but should also run on Mac OS X.



If you're using Docker you don't need to worry about downloading binaries or installing dependencies. Skip down to the Configuration and Run the tests (Docker) sections below.

Download release zip

Download and unzip a release from the release section.

Configuration file

Create a configuration file for the target SOS. You'll need to specify the SOS service URL, procedure identifiers for DescribeSensor tests, and constellations of offerings, procedures, and observed properties for GetObservation tests.

Copy example-test-config.xml to a new location and customize for the target SOS.

The example config targets the i52n development continuous integration build.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- The service endpoint of the SOS server to be tested -->
  <!-- checkAll="true" to run describeSensor tests on all procedures in the SOS. Otherwise list below -->
  <describeSensor checkAll="false">
    <!-- constellations of getObservation request values to use to run tests -->

Run the tests (Docker)

First, create your config file. In this example the file is named test-config.xml. Then run:

docker run -t -v $(pwd)/test-config.xml:/tmp/config.xml --name ioos-sos-compliance-tests \
  ioos/ioos-sos-compliance-tests ./ /tmp/config.xml

Optionally, specify a specific Docker image version to run a specific release of ioos-sos-compliance-tests (e.g. ioos/ioos-sos-compliance-tests:v1.0.1).

After the tests have run, you can copy teamengine's logs out of the Docker container to your host for further examination.

docker cp ioos-sos-compliance-tests:/srv/ioos-sos-compliance-tests/.te_base/users/ioos logs

Once you're finished, remove the Docker container.

docker rm ioos-sos-compliance-tests

Run the tests (Linux)

Run the test initiation script with the config file path as an argument.

./ path/to/your-test-config.xml

Optionally include a regex pattern as a second argument to only run matching tests

./ path/to/your-test-config.xml ResponseContainsValidSRSName.1
./ path/to/your-test-config.xml "describeSensor*"

To redirect the test output to a file:

./ path/to/your-test-config.xml > /path/to/outputfile.txt

Run the tests (Windows)

Basically the same as Linux, with Windows style paths:

run_tests.bat ..\yourconfig.xml > %USERPROFILE%\sos-test.txt


OGC CITE CTL tests for IOOS SOS implementations






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