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Bug Fixes

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@XerTheSquirrel XerTheSquirrel released this 10 Sep 19:33
· 198 commits to master since this release

This release fixes some bugs and adds support for type variables used for Generic Entry Points where the handler is in a base class which uses type variables.

  • The Generic Entry Point handler now correctly handles type variables used in the base class entry method arguments.
    • It currently does not handle type variables within parameterized types, they will be treated as their lowest bound. (handleRequest(T) where T is List<Q extends CharSequence>, the type passed will be List<CharSequence>).
  • Event-info now properly works with the Generic Entry Point handler.
  • Dependencies have been updated.
  • Corrects exception thrown when disk percentage is NaN or Infinity.
  • IOpipe now builds on Windows.
  • The duration reported by the profiler is now correct.
  • The following classes have been deprecated:
    • IOpipeMeasurement -- This class is redundant and its functionality has been moved into IOpipeExecution.