AWS Lambda metrics, tracing, & analytics for NodeJS
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IOpipe Agent & Tracing Plugin

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This package provides the IOpipe agent and the tracing plugin pre-bundled.

Installation & usage

Install via npm:

npm install --save @iopipe/iopipe

Or via yarn:

yarn add @iopipe/iopipe

Then require this module, passing it an object with your project token (register for access), and it will automatically monitor and collect metrics from your applications running on AWS Lambda.

If you are using the Serverless Framework to deploy your lambdas, check out our serverless plugin.


const iopipe = require('@iopipe/iopipe')({ token: 'PROJECT_TOKEN' });

exports.handler = iopipe((event, context) => {
  context.succeed('This is my serverless function!');

By default this package will enable @iopipe/trace and @iopipe/event-info plugins. For more information on how to use IOpipe and these plugins, see the documentation below:

Example With Tracing, Custom Metrics, and Labels (ES6 Module Format):

import iopipe, {mark, metric, label} from '@iopipe/iopipe';

exports.handler = iopipe()(async (event, context) => {
  // add a trace measurement for the database call
  // fetch some data from the database
  const rows = await sql(`select * from dogs where status = 'goodboy'`);

  // add a custom metric for IOpipe search and alerts
  metric('rows-from-db', rows.length);

  // add a label to this invocation for easy filter/sort on

  context.succeed('This is my serverless function!');


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