Expanded brewing system for Minecraft
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So you want to be an alchemist, eh? You want to mix potions, learn about infusions and tinctures, and unlock the secrets of medicinal plants? I hope you brought a mortar and pestle, because...oh, you did? Hmm...I suppose we can start immediately then.

Playing AlchemyPlusPlus

For the moment, it's possible to brew a number of otherwise impossible-to-obtain potions, such as blindness and Resistance. You can also mix and enhance potions to create some rather interesting effects.

The original mod topic on the MinecraftForums has some info, as does the new forum thread, but if you've got questions, please post them on the AlchemyPlusPlus CurseForge page, as I'll get an email notification about it there.

Getting AlchemyPlusPlus

You can download the latest reasonably stable build from the AlchemyPlusPlus CurseForge page, or if you're feeling brave, from the Jenkins build server.

I got permission form @mokonaDesu to take over the mod.

This mod is licensed under the DBaJ non-commercial open source license