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Mod Public License, v2. WIP.

This license is intended to fix some of the problems and loopholes in the original MMPL, and in general make a modder-friendly, easily usable Open Source license for mods of all types.

Please keep in mind that this is currently very work-in-progress. Ideas, tweaks, working adjustments, and partial rewrites are happening as members of the modding community contribute ideas or express concerns.
Once we've got a version that we're comfortable with, @jakimfett is going to have his lawyer read it and suggest changes for purposes of clarity and legality.

Thanks for your patience while we work through this process.

License Purpose

This license intends to provide an easy to understand, relatively permissive license that addresses a number of fairly tricky constraints.

  • Mod authors disappear, and the license doesn't allow anyone to build on their work
  • People think a mod is cool, but can't determine if they're allowed to use it in modpacks
  • Malicious and/or greedy individuals exploit mod popularity for profit, out of spite, or to spread malware
  • Mod authors are hesitant to accept contributions due to potential complications with unclear contribution guidelines

This license is intended as a non-commercial, visible source, legally enforcable tool that encourages the author's creative process, allows the end user to have fun, and generally makes the modding community a better place.

This license is not intended to:

  • Replace MIT, MMPL, BSD, or any other license.
  • Start arguments about terminology or definitions.

All contributions, issue reports, and discussions via this Github project repo must be done in a civil, constructive manner.

Seriously, be kind, considerate, and constructive, or GTFO.

License for this license

The license text is available for use and distribution under the terms of the MIT license.