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package bruxism
import (
// MessageType is a type used to determine the CRUD state of a message.
type MessageType string
const (
// MessageTypeCreate is the message type for message creation.
MessageTypeCreate MessageType = "create"
// MessageTypeUpdate is the message type for message updates.
MessageTypeUpdate = "update"
// MessageTypeDelete is the message type for message deletion.
MessageTypeDelete = "delete"
// Message is a message interface, wraps a single message from a service.
type Message interface {
Channel() string
UserName() string
UserID() string
UserAvatar() string
Message() string
RawMessage() string
MessageID() string
Type() MessageType
// ErrAlreadyJoined is an error dispatched on Join if the bot is already joined to the request.
var ErrAlreadyJoined = errors.New("Already joined.")
// Service is a service interface, wraps a single service such as YouTube or Discord.
type Service interface {
Name() string
UserName() string
UserID() string
Open() (<-chan Message, error)
IsMe(message Message) bool
SendMessage(channel, message string) error
SendAction(channel, message string) error
DeleteMessage(channel, messageID string) error
SendFile(channel, name string, r io.Reader) error
BanUser(channel, userID string, duration int) error
UnbanUser(channel, userID string) error
Join(join string) error
Typing(channel string) error
PrivateMessage(userID, messageID string) error
IsBotOwner(message Message) bool
IsPrivate(message Message) bool
IsChannelOwner(message Message) bool
IsModerator(message Message) bool
SupportsPrivateMessages() bool
SupportsMultiline() bool
CommandPrefix() string
ChannelCount() int
SupportsMessageHistory() bool
MessageHistory(chanel string) []Message
// LoadFunc is the function signature for a load handler.
type LoadFunc func(*Bot, Service, []byte) error
// SaveFunc is the function signature for a save handler.
type SaveFunc func() ([]byte, error)
// HelpFunc is the function signature for a help handler.
type HelpFunc func(*Bot, Service, Message, bool) []string
// MessageFunc is the function signature for a message handler.
type MessageFunc func(*Bot, Service, Message)
// StatsFunc is the function signature for a stats handler.
type StatsFunc func(*Bot, Service, Message) []string
// Plugin is a plugin interface, supports loading and saving to a byte array and has help and message handlers.
type Plugin interface {
Name() string
Load(*Bot, Service, []byte) error
Save() ([]byte, error)
Help(*Bot, Service, Message, bool) []string
Message(*Bot, Service, Message)
Stats(*Bot, Service, Message) []string