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This is a music plugin for the bruxism multi-service bot.

This code is in very early stages and is still a bit messy.


  • ffmpeg must be installed and within your PATH
  • youtube-dl must be installed and exist in the same folder as bruxism.
  • dca must be installed and exist in the same folder as bruxism.

Music Plugin Commands

  • NOTE: All commands must be prefixed with a @mention of your bot
  • NOTE: music can be abbreviated with just mu


@botname music <required> [optional] [this | or this]

Commands Quick Reference

Command Arguments Action
music join [channelID] Join channel of caller or provided channel ID
music leave Leave the currently connected voice channel.
music play [url] Start queue player and optionally enqueue a URL
music info Display plugin / queue / playing song info
music pause Pause playback.
music resume Resume playback.
music skip Skip current song.
music stop Stop queue player.
music loop Toggle Loop Queue setting
music list List all items in queue.
music clear Clear all items from queue.


For faster startup of youtube-dl use github cloned version of youtube-dl, see

To avoid youtube-dl ffmpeg post processing error, use a youtube-dl version past this commit see issue


Bruce Marriner