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master server
The default master server of master.quake3arena.com appears to be down permanently. Players/clients are not able to use the default in-game server browser. We need to override this configuration in all cases to point to master.ioquake3.org as well as solving the caching issue in #161

Servers should still report to master.quake3arena.com in case it comes back online.


You could swap the defaults. Master 1 being our master and 2 being the id master.


I believe that our game code already does this, but it might need to be implemented at another level to override the in-game browser when we aren't shipping a new pk3/after you connect to a pure server and exit back to the menu.


Servers: Internet in vanilla UI and ioq3 UI is sv_master1 (id Software). Internet2 in ioq3 UI is ioquake3 master. See cvar init in sv_init.c.

I think the best option is switching them which solves the issue, as suggested by Ensiform.

As a side note, it also swaps masters used by Internet 1 and 2 in ioq3 UI. As it stands, even if using ioq3 UI some people may not be able to access ioq3 master because historically sv_master2 was archived as "" (blank). After swapping sv_master1 and 2, people with blank sv_master2 will have ioq3 master instead of id master available to use in ioq3 UI.


Force a reset? If blank?


Guys, it went back up so we're good for the meantime on this issue. Keep it open however if it shuts down again.


the default master still needs to change to ours since we can be more responsive to downtime, and we still need to stop caching the DNS result forever.


Why not have servers report strictly to ioq3 master, and then have client query from both?

With consideration to servers broadcasting to both masters; merging them etc.. (now curious if servers are reporting both ip4/ip6 and whether this shows dup servers in list).


The list skips duplicates in ioq3 client.

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