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JavaScript client-side syntax highlighting.

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*** jQuery.Syntax ***

jQuery.Syntax is a light weight client-side syntax highlighter, which dynamically loads external dependencies (js & css) when required. It uses jQuery to make it cross-browser compatible and to simplify integration.

For more documentation, please see :

For licensing details, please see the included LICENSE.txt.

The jQuery name and logo is Copyright 2010 The jQuery Project.

*** Compatibility ***

jQuery.Syntax requires jQuery version 1.4.1+ <>. It might work with earlier versions, but it hasn't been tested.

Don't take my word for it... but it has been tested in
	- IE6: Works fine, minor visual glitches, requires the html to be .clone(true) before it is inserted, or it doesn't show up.
	- IE7: Not tested.
	- IE8: Works fine.
	- FF3.6: Works fine.
	- Safari4: Works fine.

If you can test in other browsers and let me know if it is successful, I'll add them to this list.

*** Donations ***

jQuery.Syntax is available as free software (under the license details given above). If you use it, please donate. It will help me to make more free projects in the future.

For a negotiable fee, I am happy to:
	- Write syntax brushes for other languages.
	- Create custom themes for your website.
	- Assist with integration into your website / CMS / blog.

If you are a commercial entity, Orion Transfer Ltd sells commercial licenses for jQuery.Syntax.

*** Credits ***

I, Samuel Williams, developed the majority of this code. I was helped by a number of kind people on IRC when banging my head against bugs in Internet Explorer, and other such issues. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Thanks to The jQuery Project for providing such a wonderful framework. It is easy to work with and makes life much easier when dealing with cross-browser issues.

Thanks to Alex Gorbatchev whose SyntaxHighlighter project provided a lot of ideas and inspired me to work hard. I think he has contributed a great deal to the community.

Thanks to Tadao Takaoka, my wise sensei, who has listened to me talk about algorithms for countless hours. jQuery.Syntax has a number of interesting and unique algorithms to solve highlighting problems efficiently. jQuery.Syntax is extremely fast because he helped me to think about the problem in new ways.
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