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An iOS objective-c library template to recreate the gesture based interaction found from Clear for iPhone app.

While it's just in very early development stage, I don't think it's ready for and production usage.

It has been developed under iOS 4.3 and 5.0 devices, sample code has been built using ARC, please use -fobjc-arc per source file complier flag for compiling on non-ARC enviroment.


Clear for iPhone app has showed us so much we can do with a buttonless interface, and I am trying to reveal the technique behind the gesture based interaction, hopefully can heavy-lifted all of us whom trying to achieve the same.



It only supports two features at the moment.

  • Pull down to add cell
  • Pinch to create cell

How To Use It


Include all header and implementation files in JTGestureBasedTabeView/ into your project, and also links the QuartzCore framework to your target. Will add more instructions soon, at the moment, please follow ViewController.m for sample usage.


This project is under MIT License, please feel free to contribute and use it.


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